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Gloria Emilia Bayoh



The Directorate of Gender and Children’s Affairs


The Gender and Children’s Rights Directorate is the machinery responsible for collaborating with Government, Civil Society Organizations, and various NGO coalitions to advance advocacy efforts on Gender Equality and Children’s rights including the rights of persons with disability the aged, and other vulnerable groups in the country. In collaboration with other directorates, the Directorate engages in joint research, especially on issues that are affecting women, Children, and PWDs The Directorate is responsible among other things for monitoring and reporting on the status of implementation of gender and children’s rights policies by the Government.

The Directorate is the liaison between the Commission and MDAs, NGOs, and CSOs working on women and Children’s rights issues, including persons with disability and other vulnerable groups.

Like the Ministry of Social Welfare, (MOSW) Ministry of Gender and Children’s affairs (MOGCA), The National Children’s Commission, The Family Support Unit of the SLP, the Gender Directorate in the SLP, UN agencies like UNICEF, UNFPA, and UN Women among others.

Over the years the women and children’s unit has carried out several activities such as developing documents that have contributed tremendously to ensuring the realization of women and children’s rights in the country. Notable among these are:

Ø  The development of a Gender Policy for HRCSL

Ø  The development of a Training Manual on the Sierra Leone Gender Justice Law for use by Human Rights Workers

Ø  Publishing and launching of a thematic report on Women and Children, titled “Road to Gender Equality and Status of Women and Children in Sierra Leone”, 2007-2008

Ø  In collaboration with Save the Children, the unit has produced ‘’The State of Children’s Rights Report 2017”

In addition to these documents developed by the Women and Children’s Rights Unit, it also carries out a series of activities geared towards the promotion and protection of women and children’s rights including persons with disability and other vulnerable groups. 


Director’s Profile


Gloria Emilia Bayoh holds a B. A General Degree from Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone, M.SC Sociology from Njala University; and a Diploma in Mass Communication from Fourah Bay College USL. She joined the Human Rights Commission in 2008.


She has over 20 years of experience working with local communities in Sierra Leone with strong partnerships with community groups, (Women’s groups) leaders, and other stakeholders in the community and civil society, and more than 10 years of experience in working on the Human rights situation of women and children in Sierra Leone


Has extensive knowledge of the Gender justice laws, women’s issues, and also on children’s laws in both national and international laws.

She has vast knowledge in general Child Protection, dealing with vulnerable women/girls and children, and Victims of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV)

Have undergone a series of training on Human Rights, Gender Issues, and HIV/AIDS in and out of the country. Has also had training in Peace and Conflict Management, as well as psychosocial Counselling. Gloria is currently the Director of Gender and Children’s Rights Affairs.



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