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Ahmed Brimah Wurie


Among the functions of the Regional offices include:

                    Extending HRCSL’s operations to the regions;

                    Extend the Commission’s service delivery to the rural communities;

                    Facilitating the Commission’s work in compliance with the HRCSL Act 2004 and Complaints Investigation and Inquiry Rules 2008;

                    Making the HRCSL increasinigly invisible, more accessible and responsive to human rights issues at the regional and grassroot levels;

                    Capacity to implement programmes, create impact and provide feedback on human rights work and service delivery to the public;

                    Enhancing the effective collaboration and strengthening  the Commission’s relationship with state and non-state actors working in the area of human rights at  the level of the region; i.e. in particular, MDAs and District Human Rights Committees and Human Rights Defender Network.



Ahmed Brimah Wurie

Holds a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree in Development Studies at the Njala University (2006 – 2008). Also trained and certified in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law; Peace and International Conflict Resolution and in Human Rights and Global Terrorism (2005) under the United Nations Institute of Training and Research Programs.

Worked in the three successive UN Peace Missions in Sierra Leone (2003 – 2013); with ten years of progressive human rights work experience.

Head of the Secretariat that supported the work of the UN backed Technical Committee that established and made fully operational the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone between 2004 – 2006.


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