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Richard Tamba M'bayo





The Directorate is responsible to carry out the functions of the Commission outlined in Section (7) 2(b) 1-3 of the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone Act, 2004 as follows:

(b) Promote respect for human rights, through –

·         Public awareness and education programmes aimed at creating a culture of human rights in Sierra Leone;

·         Providing human rights information, including locating within the Commission a national human rights resource and documentation centre;

·         Publishing guidelines, manuals and other materials explaining the obligations of public officials in the protection of human rights;


The directorate coordinates training and public education programmes on human rights for public officials, civil society organisations and other members of the public. It is responsible to implement the Commission’s Communication Strategy. The directorate coordinates public information and media engagements of the Commission. It manages the Commission’s website and the Library and Documentation Centres and the Truth and Reconciliation Archives.


RICHARD TAMBA M’BAYO is a long standing rights activist with Amnesty International Sierra Leone Section since 1990 where he rose to the ranks in the Section and served as a National Board member for two terms of two years each. At Amnesty International Richard was trained in Senegal and Ghana as a trainer of trainers for two years in Human Rights Education.  He had a teaching experience of 18 years and taught in schools in Kenema District, Bo District and Freetown before joining the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone in 2008 as a Human Rights Officer. He later served in the Eastern Region from October 2009 to December 2011 as Regional Head. In January 2012, he returned to serve the Headquarters as Senior Human Rights Officer in the Directorate of Complaints Investigation and Legal Services (DCILS) and he also doubled as Acting Regional Senior Human Rights Officer (head of office) for the Western Regional office. 

At DCILS he acted as Director from August 2014 to June 2015. He was then officially promoted to the position of Deputy Director of Monitoring and Research where he served from July 2015 to December 2017.   In January 2018 he was transferred to the Directorate of Program Planning and Evaluation as Deputy Director where he also served up to October 2019 until his appointment in November 2019 as Director of Education, Communication and Training.

He holds an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences with Honours in Accounting and Finance, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from Fourah Bay College and a Master’s degree in Peace and Development Studies from Njala University. In the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone, Richard Tamba M’Bayo had received several in-house trainings in management and human rights.  



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