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Mohamed Kuyateh


This Directorate under the supervision of the Executive Secretary and the Deputy Executive Secretary is responsible for the management and coordination of all programmes of the Commission, facilitate the development of project proposals and operational plans, coordinate the development and management of Directorate Annual Work Plan (AWPs), play a lead role in the coordination development and management of resource mobilization/strategy of the Commission, train program teams to use data collection tools and techniques, including ongoing mentoring and support., analyze data to track project and program progress against agreed targets and log-frames, keep up-to-date record on developments in monitoring systems, monitor project progress, ensuring that implementation is in harmony with projects/programs specific operational plans, and report regularly on all activities ,guide and coordinate all M&E activities and accordingly assign roles for staff, project participants and partners, develop and implement evaluation plans for all projects ,discuss emerging issues from project progress and evaluation reports, and coordinate the development and follow up of action plans for recommendations., design and implement a system to identify, analyze, document and disseminate lessons learned from program and project activities, share evaluation results with the ES and Directorates and ensure that lessons from evaluations are incorporated into the development of all new projects, develop and coordinate an overall framework and calendar (including guidelines and procedures) for program monitoring and evaluation of HRCSL ,ensure that all project M&E plans and log frames align with the organizations overall Theory of Change, goals and targets, and work with other directorate to ensure adherence to HRCSL's principles and promote HRCSL's visibility.

Mohamed Kuyateh is a human rights and development specialist with over 10 years' experience in human rights, development planning and management. He holds a Master of Science (M.Sc) degree in Strategic Security and Development Studies from Fourah Bah College - University of Sierra Leone (FBC-USL) from 2015-2016. Also trained and certified in different areas of human rights and development (ranging from Rule of Law, Human Rights advocacy, Research and Documentation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Development Interventions and Project Management etc). His experience cut across both national and regional initiatives promoting human rights, development and institutional reforms, as a trainer, Mr. Kuyateh has organized and facilitated local and international workshops on human rights, development interventions and awareness raising on several international human rights instruments. He worked as a Country Manager for Institute for War and Peace Reporting from 2005-2009, and also as Human Rights and Rule of Law Officer for the United Nations Integrated Peace Building Office in Sierra Leone (UNIPSIL) from 2010-2013. He is currently the Director of Programmes, Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation of the Human Rights Commission of Sierra Leone

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